Breeding in the semi-wild state of Cinta Senese PDO

Attention! in order to prevent the spread of the African Swine Fever epidemic, visits to farm animals are temporarily suspended.

The passion for the animals of Paola the owner and the knowledge provided by the degree in veterinary medicine have allowed the realization of a pig breeding of a typical breed of the region, the Cinta Senese. We started in 2004 with the purchase of 1 boar and 2 females of good genealogy and today we still count a small number of animals, focusing on quality rather than quantity. The animals are all reared in a semi-wild state in an environment with alternating woods and pastures where they find food provided by nature with integration on our part with company production seeds totally free of chemical treatments. We opted for a semi-closed cycle with the production and sale of piglets and the fattening of some garments in the company.

We are part of the prestigious "Consortium for the protection of the Cinta Senese" and in October 2007 we obtained the INEQ certification, is the Istituto Nord Est Qualità, the highest Italian body for the control and certification of typical and quality products. In this way we have become official producers of the "Suino Cinto Toscano", one of the recent Italian DOP.


The passion for animals is so much to begin in 2018 an amateur breeding of dwarf goats, poultry, and the breeding of the cute MINIPIG, pigs of Thai origin, breed Juliana bred for company.


The company owns about 75 hectares of arable land and leases about 200 others.

A large surface and hard and hard work cared for with great passion by Ezio and Vasco, unique people who are an integral part of the large family of the Ricrio farm.

We grow alfalfa, cereals, seed legumes.