About 450 are the plants from which every year, in October and November, we collect the precious olives by hand, within a maximum of 5 days from the harvest, supplying the delicious first-pressing nectar, the new oil that after filtration and the rigorous controls of the consortium is apt to become Tuscan PGI oil.

Our oil comes from cold pressing at the first pressing of the olives harvested by hand.
The taste is fruity of green and ripe olive, accompanied by hints of almonds, artichoke and grass, with the evident presence of bitter and spicy notes, ... pizzichino oils. Toscano oil, with its typically fresh, easy-going and slightly aggressive character, reflects the most sincere, ancient and proud soul of our Tuscany and its traditions.

This is IGP Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
We have renounced any kind of treatment of plants with chemicals and we dedicate ourselves only to soil care and fertilization. The harvest that takes place in November gives very different productions from year to year because we leave the plants to their natural cycle which alternates high and low productions in nature. For the customers it is possible to watch the harvesting and pressing of the olives.

In the farm it is possible to buy the oil of own production.
It is possible on request to make gift packs.