Carnival of Viareggio The most famous Carnival of Italy with papier-mâché floats. To know more
Explosion of the Cart The ceremony takes place in Piazza del Duomo, followed by a procession with flag throwers from 10 am until about 12 am . The fireworks are ignited by a rocket in the likeness of a dove, which tied to a rope, flies from the high altar until it reaches the “brindellone” (the wagon). A successful display , is supposed to guarantee a good harvest. To know more
Crossbow Tournament On the first Sunday of May, the crossbowmen of Sansepolcro travel to Gubbio, in Umbria, to compete in the Palio della Balestra, a crossbow tournament between the two cities, representatives dress in medieval costumes and have ancient weapons. On the second Sunday of September the crossbowmen of Gubbio travel to Sansepolcro to compete with the “rivals”. To know more
Florence Annual musical Festival From late April to June, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino includes a series of classical music concerts, events, and internationally acclaimed operas and ballets , organized in various theaters and locations of the city. Tickets are not always readily available, it is preferable to buy them in advance by checking the online program. To know more
San Ranieri Lights To celebrate the the patron saint, Pisa is lit with lights that adorn buildings, churches and towers. The striking visual effect is achieved by the reflection that the candles create on the Arno River, on which other floating candles are carried by the river currants that runs through the Tuscan city. To know more
Historic Florentine Football A challenge in Piazza Santa Croce between the four historic districts of Florence. The teams play off in a game that lasts fifty minutes with the ball continuously on the move which can be hit with both hands and feet. To know more
Historical Regatta On the occasion of the patron Saint Ranieri, four boats representing the city neighborhoods dispute a race on the waters of the river Arno , a legacy of the prestigious maritime tradition of the history of Pisa. The final victory is not assigned in the order of arrival but it depends on the skill of the “montatore” that must climb up one of the four ropes that reach the top of a flagpole ten meters high, to grab the “banner”, which is the symbol of victory. To know more
Pistoia Blues Festival, Bear Joust Two major events are held in July in the city of Pistoia: the Pistoia Blues Festival and the Bear Joust. The Pistoia Blues festival is generally held in the first half of July and hosts international blues artists who perform in the main squares of the city. On July 25th, after a majestic procession in honor of St. James, the patron saint of the city, twelve knights take part in the Bear Joust. In this curious medieval joust, knights with lances have to hit two targets in the shape of a bear to the sound of drums and fanfare. The bear is the heraldic animal of Pistoia and the Joust is one of the flagship events of “July in Pistoia.” To know more
Teatro del Silenzio The eighth edition of the Teatro del Silenzio was announced: the concert by Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico, his native town in the province of Pisa, which on July 13 will return to act as a natural stage for a great show. To know more
Palio horse race This is the most famous horse race in Italy, which is run bareback in the unique setting of the beautiful Piazza del Campo. The winning Contrada is presented with a large colored drape. Spectacular trials and related events take place in the days immediately preceding and following the race. To know more
Bolgheri Melody Where the Viale dei Cipressi "In front of San Guido" is born, five kilometers of celebrities close between rows of famous Hollywood stars and long shadows that escort you, jealous and close, to the village of Bolgheri. To know more
Bravio delle Botti The Bravio delle botti, takes place on the last Sunday of August in Montepulciano it is an annual fun race with barrels through the streets of the small town. The eight districts of Montepulciano, compete in this competition and battle for the prize at stake. The wooden barrels, weigh about 80 kg, and are rolled uphill for about 1800 meters along the main street to Piazza Grande, in front of the Duomo. The race is preceded by a costume parade and followed by celebrations in the streets. To know more
Leghorn shines in the lights of the Venice Effect It is named the Venice Effect and it is the biggest event of the summer in Leghorn, it is held in one of the most characteristic neighborhoods of the city: the District of Venice. Generally held between the end of July and the first days of August, the Venice Effect is basically a great party for all ages. The event lasts for several days, during which performances of various kinds take place: theatrical and musical events, exhibitions and cultural initiatives. For the occasion the District of Venice, is filled with stalls , crafts, antiques and various knick knacks, food stands and eateries. Even the locals of the area set outdoor tables and eat outdoors enjoying the beautiful scenery of the district of Venice festively illuminated. To know more
Volterra-Year 1398 In the historic center a medieval city is reconstructed with artisans, musicians, jugglers, notables, ladies and knights, flag bearers and commoners. To know more
The Saracen Joust The Saracen Joust in Arezzo takes place in the Piazza Grande. The 4 districts of the city: Porta del Foro, Crucifera Porta, Porta Sant’Andrea and Porta S. Spirito challenge each other in the joust . The sequence of each rider is in the order determined in accordance with the dress rehearsal on the previous day and commonly called “the Provaccia.” The jockey holds a spear with which he must hit the board , a wooden statue which represents the Saracen (hence the name). To know more
Exposure of the Sacred Girdle of the Virgin The Girdle of the Virgin Mary is kept under lock and key, in the Cathedral of Prato, (also known as Sacred Girdle). Five times a year a ceremony is organized in which the relic is carried in procession and shown to the crowd gathered in the square. Two of these occasions include September 8th (day of celebration of the birth of the Virgin Mary) and the 25th and 26th December. In the chapel dedicated to the relic on the left side of the Cathedral, there are mural paintings by Agnolo Gaddi (The Legend of the Sacred Girdle 1392-95) tells the story of the arrival in Prato of the Girdle. To know more
National Exhibition of white truffles of Volterra The Pico Tuber Magnum is the most prized white truffle. The exhibition is presented not only as a local cultural spot but also as an open market, and attracts both experienced and simple lovers of the tasty truffle based specialties. To know more
National Exhibition of white truffles of San Miniato The National Exhibition of the White Truffle of San Miniato, takes place the last three weekends of the month of November, when the fruit will find its full ripeness and its maximum goodness. To know more